Please note that this website has now been moved to primalcavewife.blogspot.com


If you don’t already know what the Paleo diet is about, you can click here to read up about it. Alternatively you could google and do some research.

Why did I decide to go on the Paleo diet?

As silly as this may sound, I started mainly because my boyfriend is on the Paleo diet and he is gluten-intolerant. It is much easier to prepare meals for the both of us that will not kill him. After having been on the diet, I do feel much healthier as my daily intake consists mainly of meat and vegetables and I’m allowed the occasional sweets and desserts so who am I to complain? Surprisingly, this diet isn’t expensive either, considering the lack of carbs to fill you up.

As you may have noticed, most recipes I’ve posted are mostly but not fully paleo. That’s because we do eat some foods that are not considered paleo such as peanuts. But we do try to stay away from rice and wheat.

If you decide to go on the Paleo diet…

hopefully I can help you find a delicious recipe that will suit your taste and budget.


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